Klinger’s specialty is providing the highest quality products no matter the application. We only offer products that meet our customer’s exact specifications, and are ensured to perform precisely how they’re expected to. For trusted paint and coating products turn to Klinger’s, the most trusted coatings manufacturer in the business. Contact us today to create the solution that best suits your needs.

Propane Tank Cylinders, Bulk Tanks

The formulation and customization process we use to develop our products give customers maximum coverage when painting, requiring fewer coats and better protection than our competitors’ products.

Steel Fabrication

Our coatings ensure your products will operate precisely how they’re intended, reducing the probability of deterioration long into the life of your final product. Specifically producing coatings for metal is what sets our products apart from other coatings manufacturers.

Agricultural Equipment

Designing coatings that stand up to constant friction, chemical resistance, and UV deterioration is what makes Klinger a leader in Industrial Coatings. Ag equipment isn’t delicate and neither is our product.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

OEM’s count on Klinger to produce the highest-quality, customized coating solutions on the market.


A great looking paint job doesn’t happen by accident. Transportation companies work with Klinger to keep their fleet and vehicles looking great long after they’ve been on the road. From semi’s to LP bulk trucks, we provide a coating system that has been proven and tested year after year.

Warehouse Racking

When businesses want durability, they decide to work with Klinger. Our warehouse racking coatings handle the abuse they’re continuously put through, keeping racking protected and looking good for decades.

Industrial Maintenance

Klinger coatings and paint keep your operation running smoothly. Whether it moves or is stationary, our products make industrial maintenance easier for our customers.

Industrial Strapping

Industrial strapping undergoes a lot of strain and stress, so Klinger’s products need to perform just as well. Compared to our competition, our specifically formulated strapping products provide the protection our customers expect while lowering their cost.

Military & Avionic Spec

Klinger products are used because they don’t fail, especially when used on critical pieces of equipment. When you need a coating that works as hard as you do, turn to the Klinger family of products.